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Redmine Plugins Development

by | March 5th, 2015

We are great fan of Redmine project managing system. During our work we analyze what can be improved and added to Redmine. This ideas step by step transformed into plugins.

Redmine_edit_issues_inline – Plugin that allows you to edit issue attributes inline without need to go to show page, and therefore waste time for loading
Redmine activity advanced filtering – Plugin that allows you to filter activity per user on the project.
Redmine wiki nav sidebar – plugin adds new left sidebar, with all wiki pages hierarchy , allowing to fast navigate between them.
Wiki fast history – adds to the right sidebar all wiki diffs, allowing to see it without page reloads(ajaxy-style).
Macros that adds table of contents allowing sort by different fields.
Fast Issues Edit – allows to open issue show page in modal window, decreasing time waiting.
Plugin that adds labels to issues if they were changed after last time you seen them.