Today we celebrate 9 years of our own product – GeraERP

GeraERP celebrates 9 years of successful operation

Our GeraERP helps to bring the operation of IT companies to a new level, increasing productivity and effectiveness. 

You can easily manage employees, teams, projects, customers activities,  invoices, reports and many other aspects of IT company.

Key functions

  • Timing – GeraERP has powerful tools to track work time with numerous filters and reports.
  • Staff – GeraERP helps to easily manage the salary calculation. As a pleasant option, it is sending reminders on the employee’s birthday or other special days. System tracks the vacation days, limits and notifies clients (team) about the vacation of a certain member. 
  • Teams – GeraERP simplifies creating and managing teams for each project, setting flexible rates.
  • Projects – GeraERP keeps a list of all the projects with details about start dates, activities, invoices, etc.
  • Finance and Accounting – GeraERP gives an opportunity to generate invoices in .pdf, sending them directly to the customers and even automatically notifying about any debts. 
Time sheet of the employee in GeraERP

Certainly, the system tracks any kind of activities and generates all kinds of reports. 

Now our developers work on the release of the new features to make operation run even smoother. 

Join us in celebration!