Recently we often hear about new achievements and advantages of artificial intelligence (AI) over humans. Have you heard that AI from Google (AlphaGo) bore away one of the best Go player with the score 4:1?

Human vs AI - Gera-IT

You may reply:

Come on! That’s not the triumph actually. Computer can be just faster in sorting out and analyzing all possible game combinations…

But we have to object! There are so many Go combinations (even MORE than amount of atoms in the observed Universe) that game would last for 10 years, using such algorithm. It wouldn’t be possible. Here we need to confess – computers are able to think and take decisions. Yes, the process is different from human’s way of thinking and in many cases it is way more effective.

One more remarkable occasion took place in Japan. Doctors from the Tokyo’s Institute of Medical Science were trying to treat 60 y.o. lady suffering from leukemia, however attempts were ineffective. They made a decision to ask IBM Watson for help – an AI who works as a … diagnostic doctor. It took only about 10 minutes for the computer to compare the patient’s genetic data and medical history with over 20 million cancer researches. Surprisingly, Watson stated that woman has actually different form of leukemia and even prescribed an effective treatment with certain doses of medicines.

You may say:

Incredible! However, it can take years to implement and adopt AI to our life. And it can cost as wing of a Boeing plane (sometimes even more)

While some implementations cost a fortune, similar technologies are widely applicable in common life and rather affordable. IBM Watson has been in commercial use since 2013. Even more – it has been already outdated. Can you remember the smartphone you used to have 3-4 years ago?

It used to be like this, yeah? ☺

Everyone can afford a small neural network (AI) today, and ‘‘teach it’’ using their own information and experience. This will give you a great advantage over competitors.

Do you know that over 90% of all data is unstructured? Using your own AI, programmed on dealing with your certain tasks, you easily can:

  • Make effective decisions much faster than your competitors;
  • Predict future tendencies and take your market advantage;
  • Identify patterns in enormous data content;
  • Avoid human mistakes and automatize the processes;
  • Boast of innovations

Seems like you’ve got some fresh ideas of upgrading your business? Contact us and together we will find best way to maximize the benefit. Today is the best day for that!

Do you want to know more about how AI works? Or may be you want to create your own one as your business assistant? Wait for our next article and let’s go deeper!

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