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Working with a remote team: How to be a Rock Star Product Owner
Working with a remote team: How to be a Rock Star Product Owner

By Vadym Karpenko, founder @ Gera-IT. You could see many articles written by outsourcing companies about irreplaceable and very important Product Owner’s (PO) role during the software development process. In…

Choosing an offshore development team (checklist):
Choosing an offshore development team (checklist):

Big Software Houses VS Small Solution Providers By Vadym Karpenko, Founder and CEO @ Gera-IT Working with an offshore team is always a challenge. What will bring more profit and…

Redmine Plugins Development
Redmine Plugins Development

We are great fan of Redmine project managing system. During our work we analyze what can be improved and added to Redmine. This ideas step by step transformed into plugins….

Work in Carpathians Montains

It appears that Gera-IT has  already  a well-established  tradition,   traveling  and working in August with the  team   in    the   Carpathians  Mountains. As result  for the  second  year  a…

Together we can save MySQL!
Sun announces JavaFX 1.0

Yesterday Sun Microsystems announced the release of JavaFX 1.0, a new platform that merges form and functionality for building rich internet applications (RIA) with immersive media and content for web…

Amazon’s SimpleDB Enters Public Beta

Amazon finished private beta testing and has entered into public unlimited beta of its cloud database service named  SimpleDB Сервисы EC и S3 очень хорошо прижились в народе, которые открыли…

NetBeans IDE 6.5 Available

New release of NetBeans is available. You can get it here . Details of this release you can read here . Personal as for me I have tried Net beans…

RubyMine: Новая среда разработки дла Ruby на основе IntellJ

JetBrains презентовал новую среду разработки для RoR разработчиков RubyMine . Я являюсь старым поклонником их среды для джава разработчиков IntellJ IDEA . Думаю многие знают, что у IDEA есть прекрасный…

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