Summertime is full of sunny and warm days. It’s the best time for having holidays, gathering fruits and berries and having fun together. In addition it’s time for traditional Carpathians co-working!:)
Despite being regular event, every co-working is unique. Every year we change the location that gives us an opportunity to discover new places.
This year we were at Pylypets village. It’s not only skiers favorite place. There’re plenty of places worth seeing and activities to try in summertime too. There is the most beautiful waterfall – Shypit, old church and ski-lift that work’s all the year. In addition fresh air, wild nature, national food makes every day unforgettable.
This year we managed to gather all team together that’s why our co-working event was cheerful and noisy 🙂


We climbed the mountains, enjoyed the herbal tea and seek for rock-crystals and communicate a lot.
This year we tried a new activity. It was vat for eight people. Now we have a joke that it was the most expensive soup, with main ingredients – Managers, Developers and QAs.

IMG_8419 IMG_8325

IMG_8453 IMG_8606

Our trip to Kosino thermal swimming pools was also impressive with various baths and jumping on trampolines.
Of course we worked a lot every day improving our results.

IMG_8467 IMG_8461

 IMG_8463 IMG_8468
It has become a good tradition to hold this co-working event every year.
Ukraine is beautiful and generous country! As well as the Carpathians is great and mysterious land! See you next summer:)