DIZlCBlXUAA8tBGOur friends have a blockchain based startup and are running ICO campaign now. We decided to share some feedback on their product and bring thoughts on ICO in particular to the Net.

Before Blockchain crowdfunding was presented only with projects working on real money (USD or EUR), like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. We haven’t heard about successful projects, where community contributes non-financial assets like time, ideas, skills and gets real benefit from these investments.

Nowadays Blockchain in general and Ethereum in particular made it possible to invest both non-financial and non-physical resources and to become more famous and successful.

When the market is full of Kickstarter analogues based on Blockchain, we see more progressive and interesting projects like Crowdholding.

You can create your own project here. Community will validate your business idea and if people believe in it – they kickstart and develop the project. Each participant gets a token share in fiat money – YUPIE. The value of fiat will grow together with the growth of popularity of the platform.

Alex Revutsky, Lead Developer at Gera-IT, Blockchain Expert:

Talking about  Blockchain, we should keep in mind the concept of decentralization. On the one hand, it’s hard to find out whom you can rely on. In case of any problems occurred, it seems that nobody will care much about solving them or checking the wrong operations. And in general it’s true. But on the other hand, we have a chance to write the rules of our own game. It is always clear, and neither a human, nor any financial structure can change the rules after the game has already started. Deal is set in stone.

Ethereum is one of the first blockchains that offered to set own rules for the game. Everybody who accepted the rules is sure, they won’t change over the life of the contract. Everybody who accepted the rules can watch and follow the process. And this is absolutely clear.

What is the difference between opened and closed systems? Blockchain is an open system, it is more safe and transparent. Closed systems allow people to change the rules at any time and to control the money. It is more risky in comparison to strict contracts of the opened systems.

Token also has a comprehensive role, as this is a kind of contract as well. So, Ethereum has a nice and documented approach: ERC20 with stated terms and conditions. It gives freedom and flexibility for creating apps on blockchain, for example.

Many currencies (Ethereum Tokens) are actively used now for different purposes and tasks: EOS, ICONOMI, OMG, REP. To make the cooperation between users run smooth and successful, all conditions should be stated in the contract, like it is on the Blockchain. So blockchain unites people, make them love rules and play fair.