Last weekend Kyiv hosted the international IT conference ITEM 2018, that brings together CEOs, Founders, Sales, PMs, Product managers, Software & Quality engineers to step out of execution mode.  In 2016 and 2017 the conference was recognized as the best IT conference in Ukraine. Vadym Karpenko (CEO) shares his feedback on this year’s ITEM:

“I love the events with a clear structure, top level of organization and truly great speakers, who educate, motivate and inspire people. I also enjoyed that first day was devoted to Strategy and second to Practice IT, you can concentrate on a certain theme.

During these two days, I got the big list of insights and valuable tips on how to evolve our company in terms of efficiency, quality, processed, making our company better place for the professional growth of team members.

Most interesting topics for me were:

– Delivering Solutions instead of Products.

– Importance of Agile Coach as separate role inside the team.

– Importance and value of allocating time and resources for the professional growth of team members.

– “Adaptivity” for real understanding and synergy in communication.

– Role and value of happiness from work and at work.

– Concept: From Value Proposition to Value Extraction

– Data Blending and extracting of metrics that could significantly improve our products.

– Getting value from Data that are collected in regular life by any project.

– How to apply Machine learning in projects in order to improve the value that they bring to users.

– And especially Innovative approaches in revenue generation in new businesses, delivered by Gigi Wang – Expert from Stanford Venture Lab and Silicon Valley. Here is my photo of this impressive speaker.

After two days of ITEM conference, I am inspired and full of new ideas to implement in operation. I found it really incredible and useful. Thanks a lot to guys who organized this event.”

It seems that in 2019 we will be back with all our managing team.