Week passed from the moment as 2015 WebSummit was completed. And it’s an outstanding moment to summarize results.

Let me start from the positive moments:

1. Many thanks to WebSummit for getting to know the new friends and partners! We have been enjoyed so much to obtain the new opportunity to use our experience and  apply our expertize to the realization of the new perfect ideas.

WebSummit_Ruby_on_Rails_6 WebSummit_Ruby_on_Rails_7

2. A week in Dublin is a great way to relax and get energized. Ireland is amazing and very picturesque country where the wonderful people live! Thank you for having splendid time! And one more thing –  Nightly PubSummits – Cheers! Ireland pubs in the centre of the city is a perfect place to talk and share ideas!

WebSummit_Dublin_1 WebSummit_Dublin_2

3. WebSummit is as interesting as that! A crowd of the fascinating projects were brought there to present themselves, to compete in pitches and just to chat. We got pretty excited about  covering the wide variety of IT focus areas: big data, machine, learning and education, e-commerce, analytics and many more.

WebSummit_Ruby_on_Rails_8 WebSummit_Ruby_on_Rails_12

4. ‘What’s the world coming to…” – a sort of brain soup in this outset… But I’d like to mention the great amount of WebSummit speakers this year.  The most influential personalities from the different industries told about the new trends, and  delivered their  experience within the workshops and master classes. With greetings to @dhh – the author of Ruby on Rails as well as to Rahul Chopra – CEO of Storyful.

startlab_RoR WebSummit_Ruby_GeraIT_1

On the other hand, every coin has the other side. So  here are some negative details which we’d be great to improve:

  1. WebSummit is HUGE: and it isn’t all the dignity but the problem as well. To open its capacity to the full it is necessary to have more human resources.
  2. The schedule of speeches is useless.
    Firstly, it was stripped because of the delays.
    And secondly, the presence of two locations, rather far from each other – it made actually impossible to get anywhere in time.
  3. Phone application. Generally, the idea is brilliant. But implementation dropped the ball.
    The WebSummit organizers, let’s together do our best to the following year! We  are open to help 🙂
    Would be great to have:
    – better stability
    – the internal navigation
    – hints where to go and when based on the list of favourites,
    – opportunity to find people and all significant points-of-interest.

WebSummit_Ruby_on_Rails_9 WebSummit_Ruby_on_Rails_10

So sum up, it is really great fact that such kind of events exists. We were happy to meet our old friends and gain new ones. Let success be with you!