Top 30 Educational App

At Gera-IT we specialize in complex software development projects for various industries. An Educational sphere is only one of them. We implement hi-tech solutions for Healthcare, Fintech, Real Estate, and other spaces. 

But today, we are honored to be recognized as Top 30 Educational App Developers for 2021, by DesignRush.

DesignRush is a B2B platform connecting brands with agencies and features the top agencies around the world.

The marketplace lists over 9,000 firms from over 50 different countries. It is visited by thousands of decision-makers looking to start a project. So, this is especially notable to be listed at the top since the market is so competitive today. 

One of our most long-term E-Learning projects is ReadingWise (UK). The platform helps people of different ages and abilities to improve reading skills in English. Since 2014 we have been implementing innovative solutions to make ReadingWise an outstanding service as it is.  


According to Reuters, the E-learning market is predicted to reach $275 billion by 2022.

Why has it skyrocketed so fast? Today students from all over the world actively participate in the E-learning process. Furthermore, companies with household names implement E-learning applications and tools to train their employees and monitor their progress.

E-Learning has many advantages, the main are: 

  • Time-efficiency;
  • Cost-effectiveness;
  • Better Performance and Productivity;
  • Quick information delivery;
  • Easy progress tracking;

The 2020 pandemic made us face the inevitability of shifting from traditional education sooner than we expected. Though if we turn around we’ll see that for a big part of the world it’s already become a new reality rather than a part of a sci-fi movie.


Meanwhile, shares in Chinese online tutoring firms have slumped after Beijing stripped them of the ability to make a profit from teaching core subjects, according to BBC News. 

For now, tutoring platforms must retrain into non-profit organizations, set a uniform price level for everyone, and in order not to enrich themselves at the expense of unfortunate parents, they can no longer go to IPO and attract foreign capital.

Anyway, Gera-IT Team is sure it’s never too late to learn and we are helping others to educate too.