Don’t doubt – we’re keen on Ruby and ready to support any event if it’s a Ruby one. That’s why Gera-IT is a co-founder and regular sponsor of such considerable Ukrainian IT event as Ruby Meditation. It was the 6th meetup where you could have a chance to encounter smart guys, begin a “holy war” about the newest trends or pick up some new buzzwords to impress your colleagues.


This time we’ve prepared a tasty cherry on the cake, introduced by our DBA, PM and the true SQL-Man – Taras Khandus. His reports were focused on Big Data issues:

  1. How to process lots of data: now or later?
    DOs and DON’Ts for startups, suffering from the drastic and unexpected data flow growth.
  2. Custom sharding.
    What kind of “coding sutra” you should apply if typical options of DB sharding are not enough.


Other speeches were also impressive. Here are some takeaways:

  • We admitted the progress of Cloud Foundry – an open source cloud platform as a service (PaaS) on which developers can build, deploy, run and scale applications on public and private cloud models. VMware originally created Cloud Foundry and it is now part of Pivotal Software.
    More stability and integration – that’s exactly what developers and clients are waiting from it.
  • Had a quick look at the features and benefits of Go for Web.
  • Ruby Sequel (a lightweight database toolkit for Ruby)
  • “Silver bullet syndrome” – it’s never late to get that, there’s no magical solution (platform, method or toolkit) for all

Gera-IT. We’re staying tuned!