HR Forum −  is an IT HR conference №1 in Eastern Europe. It focuses on those that work in talent acquisition and management industries including HR Managers, recruiters and generalists in the HR field.

Our HR Manager Roman Malynoskyi participated in the event and shares his inspiring feedback:

“Almost every session I attended was engaging and valuable. There was a great organization of tracks and session summaries in the schedule and a great selection of presenters! 

One of the noticeable topics was a speech of Yurii Hladkyi from Grape Ukraine on “HR brand communication strategies” topic. Which uncovered the main resource that companies are fighting for – their employees’ time. While choosing between time for a sofa and time for an office, time for family and time for career, time for communication and time for colleagues – strong HR brand may objectivate why a person has to spend their time on your business.

Another great topic was “Marketing mix for development of HR strategy” by Iryna Prymak which showed that essentially marketing and HR has a lot in common so there is a lot to learn from there. It was shown partially on a comparison between the classic HR-model and marketing HR model, specifying what is an HR-product and who is HR’s client.

There was phenomenal coordination by everyone involved in the event – thank you very much, I really enjoyed attending this year!”

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