Ukraine plays a significant role in Global IT community. So it’s a pleasure to watch how the development is going in our country and to act in it.

Recently one of the biggest IT events took place in Kyiv – the iForum.

Our Project manager Anton Kostyuchenko was among the visitors and shares his brief feedback:

“I have to admit, that this year Ukrainian products/startups/companies showed the brand new level in ideas, design, promotion. We successfully draw the international attention to our achievements and grow on the national market.

I discovered a real growth of the potential within local customers, whereas our company mostly works with foreign companies and product owners.

Interesting lectures about digital marketing from top the speakers made me discover some new approaches which i want to try in our operation. 

Nevertheless, my most favorite activity on such events – is networking. I always meet there my old friends and make new, find useful connections and enhance business relationships.”