Our freshly delivered product already conquering the Global Market.

We interviewed PM Sergey Slivkin about the superb project Invoice Template that he recently delivered with his Rock Star Team. 

What is the main idea of the project and its uniqueness?

There are some problems with invoices in the UK, as according to the law the payment period is quite long. People are reluctant to deal with them and postpone for later. That leads to payment overdue and penalties from one side, and delays with receiving money on time on the other side.

So the idea was to create a convenient platform to manage invoices. It gives a possibility to create, send, print invoices with individual settings, as well as download a .pdf or share a link.

The product is absolutely free and even with the first version offers already plenty of templates.

Users will enjoy this almost single page application as you can create and manage your invoices from the landing page without registration.

Who will use this App?

It is used by small and medium-sized entrepreneurs from UK, USA, Canada, France, Switzerland, Brazil, India and many others, who still has no need in hiring accountant or doesn’t want to spend much time with MS Office. They make business and value their time.

Who was involved in the team for Invoice Template?

From the client’s side – product owner and designer. From our side: project manager, business analyst, frontend developer, backend developer and QA-engineer.

How long did it take to release the product?

We built it within 2 months period.

What challenges did your team meet during this time?

The product was completely pivoted during the development. The final version got much more features than was initially planned. Also we decided to pay more attention to UI/UX which resulted with more time spent on it, but we got better usability, view and performance.

What technologies you used and why?

RoR, Angular Light, AWS (EC2, RDS, SES), Postgres, Integration with the Governmental Institution Company House via the API.

RoR fits this project as this is an ideal language for startups, allowing fast prototyping, giving quality results and prompt reaction on changes.

Angular Light was used to get the best performance out of UI as it doesn’t need the whole power of Angular. Light version helps to reduce the page weight (a great advantage for the mobile users) and to make the whole App working faster.

How deeply was the client involved in the project?

Before the start we had a very productive time which helped us to be on the same page with the client. Our Business Analyst and the team estimated the project, then we visited client’s office, discussed all the details. After 3 days of workshop we had the maximum clarity on all the technical aspects and could let the client to focus on the product management only.

What are the main features of the Invoice Template?

  • Integration with Company House – grabs the data about the company or counterparty.
  • Flexible invoice settings panel  – gives a possibility to set a beautiful theme for invoice, operate with all possible world currencies, set VAT in percentage or amounts, to add Shipping, to attach files to the invoice, set reminders in customer’s calendar etc. You can also print invoice, save as .pdf or share a link on it.
  • Service works without the registration, however the invoice history is available for users with the link from e-mail or on the website in the list of all previously created invoices.
  • Works with different currencies.
  • Notifies on invoice delivery to the recipient.
  • Continuously improving set of invoice templates. 

What are the possible sides of further project development?

Invoice Template can be a basement for a bigger commercial project with new features, like:

  • Ability to create own account
  • Advanced interactive reports and Dashboard
  • Integration with counterparts and banks (making transactions through the system)
  • Integration with other accounting systems

Thank you, Sergey for sharing with us.

All our team wishes further success to Invoice Template.