All Hallow’s Eve broke the uniformity of  Gera-IT every day life with its rich orange-pumpkin moments. Our amazing guys from Kyiv office always happy met together to common events and team buildings, despite of delivering several huge projects simultaneously.

Gera_IT Halloween Party_1

Well, in order to ensure our All Hallow’s Eve was not a snooze one, we compiled some fun tips and tricks to guarantee that our party was talked about shindig all the season.

Black spiderweb, card board cut outs, party-colored plastic cups, autumn-colored dishes and some cheesy pumpkin decorations taped to the wall transformed our usual office day to real celebration!

Gera-IT Halloween Party_prep_1 Gera-IT Halloween Party_prep2

But the most valuable All Hallow’s Eve display obviously should be Hallowe’en mask! Andriy well coped with a role of Batman, cutting the pumpkin cake with mascarpone;  Serhiy merged with a character of a violet death, gently holding his mask in strong male hands. Yakov decided to embellish Princess Fiona with his own glasses.

Gera-IT Halloween Party_prep_3_1 Gera-IT Halloween Party_prep_3_2

Gera-IT Halloween Party_prep_3_3 Gera-IT Halloween Party_prep_3_4

At the bottom of the Party, as it should be, two cakes gratified our team: hand-made IT cake with yogurt and bananas and pumpkin pie with mascarpone. All the guys had fun at All Hallow’s Eve. We are looking forward to meet full team from different cities of Ukraine to celebrate next event together.

Gera-IT Halloween Party_prep_4_1 Gera-IT Halloween Party_prep_4_2