Being Ukrainian Ruby Meditation regular sponsor and co-founder, we couldn’t miss the 7th meetup where high-skilled Rubyists gathered to share and exchange the experience. This time the main topics were about using Rails, its impact on development process and developers themselves.


The community began to discuss framework features, its specific parts and also alternative languages expediency, other programming methodologies as long use of Ruby on Rails leads to adaptation and refusal to create instead of copy/paste well-known gems. Therefore it’s necessary to get out of comfort zone and look for new ways to solve tasks.

LQMPZ5p - Imgur
“Me, when internet isn’t working”

We also discussed list of books that help to look at the problem from a different angle, build simple but useful applications and extrapolate this knowledge to interface development. We exchanged opinions on how to use alternative frameworks as readability and speed of operation for building microservices can and should be improved by simpler and more efficient mechanisms than Rails.

SkillGrid training program mentor and organizer Ivan Nemytchenko took into account problems he confronted while teaching Junior Rails developers and gave a live example from his tutoring practice. Issues on students’ motivation and level of training were later discussed on Lite Flash Talk session.


“Letting out junior developer of sandbox”

For the fun part, in-between the sessions, organizers made a competition on examples of smelly code and RoR that could be only made under the influence of drugs.

If you’d like to have a look on presentations and imagine that you attended this meetup with us, you can find it all on Ruby meditation Facebook page.

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