In our previous article, we discussed how communication can help to save money for your company. This time we will speak about how to earn more.

Good communication can help you not only to decrease expenses on extra work time, but it can help you to become  even more profitable. Let’s take a look into couple of other aspects.

 “Digital creativity” as a way to find out better ideas effectively

In my opinion it is one of most important effects that should appear if you apply Agile methodology correctly.

What does “Digital creativity” mean?


If you work in highly competitive area, which is probably truth, then the only way to stand out is innovation.

Creating innovation is a way through unknown territories, this is something that has never been done before. To create innovations you need to ask right questions and find right answers.

But also you need to leave space for something special. What I mean is a process, where periods of heavy activity and active development are followed by time when you can slow down and take a look around, review what was done and live with it for a bit. This is time to evaluate if we are moving to the right direction and doing perfect product.

“Digital creativity” is a process when new, innovative ideas can appear, identified, tested and delivered. “Can” means a space for this.

This can happen when product creation is not limited to the vision of small number of people(product owner, marketing, etc) and whole team has a right to participate in it. In this case qualitative leaps may take place, when customers are getting really great things, that were created by uniqueness and involvement of each team member.

How this can happen? – Only when good” communication is implemented in the team.

How to implement “Digital creativity”?

  • ask good questions(what goals are we going to reach? are we going into right direction? is the way how we implement this specific idea/theory the best?, etc)
  • leave time for the team to slow down and just live with the product
  • challenge the team – are we doing right things? Can we do this even better?

 Get more productivity when team member’s minds are “resonate” together

'So what you're saying is that we've been defunct and out of business for over two years and you've just been waiting for the right time to tell me?'

In other words it is about candor in the team. Jack Welch in his books shows that this property is the core and basic prerequisite for any innovative activity.

What is “candor”?
– It is when people can tell what they really think, know how to do it and know how to listen other people as well.

How the candor can help you?

  • people can express both: positive and critical opinions
  • people are more tolerant to each other
  • general level of involvement is higher
  • more trust
  • less misunderstanding in terms of company goals

All above is about “good” communication, right?

When good idea is expressed and listed, then improved collaboratively, this is great, isn’t it? That is what I call “resonance effect” – when many people play together, their results are much greater as they mix their unique creativity and skills for the same goal.

How this can be done?

  • announce and integrate “candor” culture
  • encourage people when they talk publicly
  • educate people about being meaningful

Before we finish, lets summarize

“Good communication” is challenging. But it has strong impact on business and its profitability:

  1. Good communication can help you follow “Fail cheap” principle
  2. Good communication can help you rise the average  team proficiency to the level of top members.
  3. Good communication can stimulate “Digital creativity” which lead to unique ideas
  4. Good communication can lead to “reasonance” effect when productivity of group is much higher than results of same people working separately.

Of course each item in this list is a big area that is worth describing in separate articles and even books, but hopefully this post will help you to structure information and get some new ideas to make you business better.

Stay Gera-profitable