On the threshold of New Year holidays we are willing to summarize the results of  work of our team for 2010 year.

First and most important achievements  are maid by two guys from  our team. They have gain higher bonus level turning into “Fathers” this year. We want to express our gladness and respect to this guys 🙂

Second, we are giving home to two turtles in new year.  Which is also very exiting, as we will have constant resources of pizzas in our office  brought by Donatello and Raffaello.

As for other achievements, our team has grew up nearly twice  this year. We have started a number  of projects on  Ruby on Rails 3, gaining benefits of  new features. We successfully started work on  several  big and  complex business projects in medical industry, launched a complex Europe oriented real estates application, proceeded work  on  a huge business platform for internet marketing keeping millions of request per day from  huge european web-shops. Enchanted, added new functionality and provided support of the ERP application for the huge European logistic company.  Launched a number of e-commerce applications, an on-line game, SAAS applications, a news portal, social web-applications, business applications  etc.

Our company was sponsor of several  ruby conferences in Ukraine. Our developers were speakers on the
conferences and also leaded masterclasses.

We gained gratitude and  thanks for high quality  and in time results from many new customers, and we are very grateful to them for the possibility to work on so many interesting and successful projects.

Also many thanks to every member of our team, guys you are great!

We are really very happy with the results of  passing year, and  we think that next year will  be even more successful and will bring more interesting challenges we will gladly take on. And we wish luck and new achievements in New Year to all our partners, customers and everyone who is reading this post.