Would like to tell few words about Ruby Barcamp that took place in Kiev last Saturday.

First,  would like to tell thank you to all guys, who took part in organization of  this interesting and really important for all Ukrainian ruby developers conference.  It was not so easy,  as the quantity of interested participants was growing every day,  so it turned to be finally a conference more then Barcamp. This fact  shows the interest in such activities and growth of ruby community. This was one of the  first specialized ruby conferences of such kind in Ukraine.

Would like to mention some of most interesting reports. Liked report of Aleksandr Dymo  “Optimization of Rails application” , main point  was  how to speed up performance by moving processing into DB level. Also reports of  Michail Klishin about using of all benefits which ruby language provides, about Rubinius, and many other interesting aspects.

Our senior developer  Stamislav Porgrebnyak was reporting  on Usage of OLAP in RubyOnRails applications”.

We are waitig impatiently for next events.