The third Ruby Meditation Conference was held at the same cosy location, in Pashkov`s house. It was a great pleasure to see, that our IT family is constanetly growing: more than 60 RORs have joined the conference.

GeraIT_RoR_1 GeraIT_RoR_4

At the conference “Ruby Meditation 3” Vadym Karpenko, owner and CEO of GERA-IT company, presented tips on why it was so important to have a project manager as well as the possible configurations how to carry out these tasks by self-organized team members work together to directly achieve goals. Watch video «Do we need the manager on a project?» from the conference on Gera-IT official YouTube channel

Vadym_Ruby_on_Rails Vadym1_Ruby_on_Rails

Andriy Kyrylenko (Senior Ruby On Rails Developer at GERA-IT company) gave practical details of applying the one of the most complex and hefty projects with many configuration files, to which a project team of differ role members could be accessible. Watch Andriy speech “Tracking configuration changes. Using git for updating large field values in U” on Gera-IT official YouTube channel

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Lots of other topics were discussed, still the crucial point of the meeting was the round table discussion of optimization of SQL, Ruby, Rails. Taras Khandus (Project Manager at Gera-IT) and Dmytro Strumilenko (Senior RoR Developer at Gera-IT) pooled their experience and provided the pat examples. The audience diligently supplied their stories with some examples and suggestions. The spirited debate elapsed in no time, it took in about half and hour over an hour. Watch video from round table discussion “Optimization of SQL, Ruby, Rails” on Gera-IT official YouTube channel

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That settles it for everyone, each meditation conference becomes more and more efficient and interesting and we are looking forward for the next one.