First summer weekend was very busy and intensive for our team due to RubyC conference. This is one of the most popular conference in the community of ruby-developers.19182003_10155032301819425_1914373640_o

The range of the discussed topics from the world known titans of Ruby and Rails was so inspiring, that we could not miss it.

So we bought tickets in advance and started choosing within the offered program the most inspiring lectures.

Day 1. Sunny weather, smiling girls on the receptions and a bit serious programmers who are not too keen on waking up early. We received our badges and moved to the conference hall, where the lecture was about to start.

First speaker was Piotr Szotkowski talking about ‘Ruby Smells’. From the first minutes you stop noticing anything around and try to get each word from the useful speech.

Second speech was about Little Snippets from Xavier Noria one of the Rails’ contributors (known as FXN Amazing performance with active interaction with visitors, smart questions and ‘best practice’ advices.

Next speaker Bozhidar Batsov (“Ruby 4.0: To Infinity and Beyond”) involved everyone into his fantasies of Ruby in Future.

After small break we ‘fulfilled our batteries’, exchanged first impressions, took few pictures and moved further.19179337_10155032301864425_1000255408_o 

Second part made me realize how many interesting technologies and solutions i haven’t heard about. They amazed me with lightweight, speed and flexibility. I was inspired to hear about powerful Elixir-based Ruby web server from Marat Kamenschikov and about Crystal (Ruby-like programming language) from Serdal Dogruyol. Here i have to admit that speech about Crystal was the one i was waiting forward to hear and i wasn’t disappointed. Even more, i was simply impressed with incredible opportunities of compiled Ruby. With its flexibility, we can create as speedy applications as those created with C language,

A new era of top-speed and top-productive web-applications is here due to a mini-framework Kemal (similar to Sinatra).rubyC and Gera-IT team

By the end of the first day we had the exсiting speeches about SQL-request optimisation in Rails-application and presentation of new gem rom-rb.

Intensive and very interesting day finished with a lottery, so many visitors left home with useful presents from the sponsors. 

Beside joyful afterparty of the first conference day, the second started on time with almost full classes again. Speakers in a cosy atmosphere answered the questions and discussed their speeches from yesterday with the visitors.

19204996_10155032322414425_452108277_oUnfortunately i couldn’t stay there till the end, but i want to mention the lectures my colleagues found useful: Florian Gilcher (#Potential) talking about managing developers in Open Source projects and Anton Honcharuk about the integration of React into Rails application.

Gera-IT values so much the flexibility in building applications and keeps up with new technologies like React, Angular, Vue.js. Visiting this conference was very useful for our team, since we are currently working on the project based on RoR and React.

Well, it was really great and we have already started implementing new ideas and knowledge in practice.

Thank you RubyC!