Hi all!
I’d like to tell few  words  about the  conference which took place on the 5-6th of November and  was named “RubyC” (rubyc.eu is the official site of the meeting) and I’ve been there as a listener.
Some features were very interesting for me. One of them was how to make rails application work faster by Alexander Dymo. The  main aim of this report was Garbage Collector (GC) in ruby. In general he told us about GC default values that build in ruby interpreter one of them value that call CG for each 8Mb. He proposed to pick up this value.

One more thing, that I has been interesting in, is creating of gems and posts from Pat Allan, which  helps to make applications more clear and structured.

There were some more discussions around Dmitriy Kostyuk’s report from HostPro CTO about cloud hosting for rails in Ukraine. I used this hosting 1 years ago and it was horrible I don’t know if  something has changed since that time,  but I hope so.
Currently Ruby on Rails programmers prefer more  Linod and Amazon.

Also  Roman  Babenko from our company was a speaker and told about Continuous Integration (CI)  in Ruby.

I’ was  really a  pleasure for  me  to visit this conference and I’m waiting for new meetings in the future.

Best regards,