We are happy to announce that our team is currently working on new tool to make life of QA engineers better!

What problem are we addressing:
When we’ve tried to find a tool to manage and store our test cases for many projects we realized that all existing solutions are far from being effective and ergonomic in every-second operations.
We wanted to use something fast and lightweight. So we’ve decided to create our own tool.
First thing we did is hard brainstorming inside our team. We identified such requirements:
1. High interactivity. We want to manage test cases fast. No page reloads. No delays.
2. Support for markdown. We decided that this format is great balance between geeking and being expressive enough.
3. Tree-like structure of test-cases. We want it be adoptable for almost any real flow.
4. Keyboard shortcuts. Again – we are all tech people. So we know what to do with keyboard, right?

Time to start!

We’ve used Twitter bootstrap to speed up the process. But when we’ve started to choose JS framework – we had different opinions.
We had backbone and angular in the list . For this project we’ve finally voted to use Angular with majority of voices.. Looks like a reasonable choice for such feature-rich and interactive project.

Now we are moving towards so wait for announcement soon!
Stay tuned..