Whatever idea you have – to make it a successful working business you need a great team. Due to unlimited possibilities of Internet, the team can be international and with members working from all continents for success of your projects, you just need to find proper ones.

Today Ukrainian IT outsourcing industry is becoming more and more popular delivering outstanding products to the customers – so this is a perfect choice for your team. Here are some facts, which prove that IT questions and web development you can rely on Ukrainian outsourcing.

  1. Convenient geographical location and cultural similarity to European make the communication easier and efficient. Moreover, there is no language barrier, as English is common language in Ukraine spoken by most of people.
  1. Ukraine has about 300.000 graduates with a high score each year in IT. 103 institutes and universities offer education at system science, cybernetics, control automation, informatics and computer engineering departments. Each year the popularity of IT area grows among the intelligent young people.studentslibrary_al_2546171b
  1. The recent researches of Hacklett Group shows that over 2 million of jobs are moved offshore from America and Europe and each year this number grows. This is about 30% of total in IT, finance, HR and procurement fields. You can follow the world tendencies faster than your competitors.
  1. Cost saving is a very cogent argument, as don’t have to pay extra taxes or royalties according to Ukrainian law. Futhermore, salary rate in Ukraine is lower than in USA or Europe.
  1. Ukrainians are already known for work at world famous companies, IT outsourcing companies as well as at Hollywood and for music stars (Madonna, AC/DC etc).
  1. Ukrainian IT specialists and IT-outsourcing companies are recognized with many awards, and take top places in world ranks according to the global reach organizations. Just some of them are:
  • Ukraine is leading in Central and Eastern Europe in number of IT outsourcing companies and its employees and the volume of IT services, according to report of CEEOA (Central and Eastern Europe Outsourcing Association).
  • In 2013 at Brainbench games, Ukrainian IT-specialists took the 3rd place by the number of certified citizens and the 2nd place by the most Master level of certified nation.
  • Since 2007, Ukraine is among TOP 30 Outsourcing Destinations, by Gartner.
  • In 2011 Ukraine was recognized as the top destination for IT outsourcing and won the nomination “Outsourcing Destination of the Year” at EOA Summit.meeting

Applying with your project to Gera-IT (Ukrainian outsourcing company, since 2006) can help you to manage different tasks at the same time. Being experts in web development and startups, we can create any product carefully in short terms while your local team can concentrate on other aspects.

Your team can be flexible and effective; your finances can be optimized; your business idea can be implemented faster and with top level of quality with Gera-IT.


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