It has become a good tradition to have two weeks trip to the Carpathians mountings in the beginning of August.

In summertime there is plenty of berries and mushrooms there. As well as the weather is good; sun is shining at daytime and lots of stars is in the nighttime. Falling stars give us an ability to make wishes.

Year by year we stick to this tradition and gathered all together.

It is not only the teambuilding event, but also the incredible and harmonious combination of work and recreation.

DSC_4503 DSC_0248

We chose the best place to stay in. Cottage was very comfortable. We were fed with the delicious regular eco meals. The main requirement for the developers was also met, and an excellent Internet connection was provided.

Every day was full of unforgettable experience and great emotions. We play sport games, climb the mountains and swim in the cool river.

Clean water and fresh air made us healthier and brought us lots of incredible stories, happiness and joyfulness. We come back to our job full of energy and enthusiasm.

Waiting for the meeting next year 🙂