It appears that Gera-IT has  already  a well-established  tradition,   traveling  and working in August with the  team   in    the   Carpathians  Mountains.

As result  for the  second  year  a group of people was living and working in a beautiful eco cottage in mountains. Hotel was selected primary by quality of internet connection 🙂

The  regular day  activity  was including morning Yoga  hour on the grass, cycling and  working  around  in the  forest, late night guitar  performances  with  songs (thanks to Roman, Yakov, Dmitry), meditation at starts on the night sky.  And of  course  a little   bit of  programming 😉

Everybody enjoyed a lot these 2 weeks and we returned back to city full of natural energy 🙂

We think that we can call such type of work with  new term “Mountain IT team building “ 🙂