relaxYour attention is very valuable but very limited thing. Each day you have a list of tasks to do and questions that appear unplanned, however there are also dozens of other things which are fighting for your attention like advertisements, applications etc. You can’t split yourself and cover that all, no one is able, but each day you try your best. In the constant rush you can lose both patience and time.

Having reasonable experience in startups and IT field we face multitasking every day and we gathered 9 useful advices, which helped us to increase productivity of each team member and to reach success.

  1. We advise to start with the planning. Create a list of the tasks you have to complete, better in written form. When you start writing your ‘to do list’ it may appear not that big as you thought first. Your next step is prioritizing the tasks. Usually when you write a list you know which actions are most urgent and important, and which of them can wait for a few hours.
  2. planSome people say that keeping everything in mind helps to train their brains. We do not believe it, that’s why we write down all valuable information. Whatever you need to remember for today or next Monday – note in your pocketbook or using any of the apps with calendar/notes/recorder upon your preference.
  3. Have you ever noticed that your productivity depends on how the working day starts. So better choose the most important and complicated task to start with. However if you feel different – complete easy and quick task first to let your mind get ready to concentrate on more serious job. As soon as your priority task will be successfully completed you will feel more power for other items from your ‘to do list’.
  4. tiredThe more time spent on work doesn’t mean better results. Usually it makes you feel exhausted and empty. Do you know that you can be 100% productive only 3-4 hours a day, which should be devided into sessions for 60-90 minutes each? Between them, you can have breaks without a certain time limit. As soon as you have a working session for 60 minutes it’s easier to concentrate on important tasks. Use a timer to limit the session. Keep in mind – best time for work is morning, even if you are a kind of night person.
  5. One of the most difficult thing is switching off all notifications on your PC and mobile. You may think that you don’t pay attention to them – but you do. Every time you hear a notification sound – you start guessing who could write you, what is written and at the same time you forget about work. What really works is putting your mobile devices into airplane mode while you’re working and closing all unnecessary pages in your browser if on PC.
  6. Avoid distruction. If you work at home or have an open-space office – other people may want your attention. So before you start a session let know your family or colleagues that for the next 60-90 minutes they won’t be able to reach you, except emergency cases of course.
  7. If it happens that, some tasks recur two or more times in your check list for a day/week/month – try to automatize them. At first, it takes you some time – but later it will take fewer efforts and you will avoid routine.
  8. Keep everything clean – your PC desktop, table, brain, life. Leave around only really necessary things, don’t let the worthless staff capture your attention. Your brain can produce genius ideas instead of wasting time and energy on extra decisions.
  9. Only a happy brain can reach 100% productivity. So pay more attention to your lifestyle – it’s all about sport, food, health and fun.     take notes
  • Whatever daily plan is – find at least half an hour for your workout or yoga. Strong and healthy body can bring you great results. You can even make short breaks for a table tennis game with your colleagues between working sessions.
  • Food also has an influence on your productivity. Prefer light and healthy food, it will give you extra power. In our Gera-IT office, we always have fresh fruits and nuts to feed the brain without feeling heavy.
  • Life without fun is useless. So enjoy your life, treat yourself, travel more and communicate with your friends – this is the best motivation to be productive and successful. This is what we do every day – we enjoy it.


Be Gera productive!