We just came back from warm sunny Turkey where we spent our annual WORKING HOLIDAY! As every company has its own traditions and various events, we also have one – every year we go on a special vacation, where we work, relax, have fun and get to know each other better. We believe that this is a great way to have more productive cooperation, deal with difficult working tasks and moments (scientists have prooved that after having rest you are more stress resistant), learn more about your collegues and get suntanned!



Last few years we went to the beautiful Carpathian Mountains in the west of Ukraine. We were escaping from Kyiv heat and seeking rest and peace, and kind of cooperation that we got there was very powerful. But as we like to experiment and try something new, we asked our colleagues and learnt that they were eager to go on an adventure again! So, we ✈ to Turkey!


Out trick to success in work hides in the balance – we do not only work together, but share memorable moments, play together, communicate and truly enjoy each other’s company. We try to accumulate teammates instead of opponents and think that every person holds a puzzle of knowing how to be the best problem-solvers!


We admire our colleagues’ devotion to their families, so without any doubts we take their loved ones with us – this way we are also growing our own Juniors in the development field.


When you go out from your ordinary life into something new, the true magic happens! And it brings even better results when you do it with your team: you see things clearly and find solutions to old problems more easily. This opens new horizons for us and helps to think out of the box, which is very important in the kind of work we do.


We believe that having an experience of working in a new environment has a lot of positive results, you are not only learning to combine work and rest, but also see your colleagues as sometimes your roommates and best buddies, they are not quite the same people you work with, you find hidden potential in each of them. From your side, you also open up and even speak out craziest (which also may be the best) ideas that sometimes turn to being best solutions to problematic questions.



Work hard, have fun and make history with Gera-IT!RB_4