While hiring new people to the team we often find ‘responsible’ among personal qualities in the CV. This is a very valuable thing, especially among developers, that’s why we pay so much attention to it. But as well we often notice that writing ‘responsible’ in the CV doesn’t mean that person knows what it really is?

Responsibility as a quality of character has nothing in common with personal experience or knowledge. For the company it means that an employee understands his/her limitations and possibilities and can take care of business in general or any single task.

One may say that still it depends much on the background of person, but according to our experience – no. Responsible employee will go deeper in searching the answer he needs to proceed with the task and he will communicate with those who are involved.  He will find a way to manage everything without extra actions.

How do we detect a responsible developer?responsible 1

Working with complicated process of developing applications in Gera-IT we value so much people, who can manage the projects without delays and whom we can fully rely on. A responsible developer for us is a person who:

–          Knows the value of time and can plan his job (or the job of the team he leads). That’s vital. Evaluating the possibilities and time frames are the key to success. Nobody wants to work overtime or do someone’s other job. So creating a plan and following it is a matter of responsible person.

–          Has excellent communication skills and can easily keep in touch with the other team members and customers.

–          Thinks ‘out of the box’. When something doesn’t go right – a responsible person will turn left.

–          Is honest enough to inform about some limitations or blocks rather than promising something he can’t deliver.

How to raise your responsibilityresponsible 2

If you want to become a valuable employee whom people can trust, pay more attention to training your responsibility. Simple things will make difference and soon it may become a strong side of your personality. So we prepared few advices to help you with that:

·         Manage time (yours, team’s, client’s). First thing you associate with responsibility – is being punctual in every task, so don’t forget to plan your actions with honest evaluating your possibilities.

·         Be specific. Feel free to ask specific questions while receiving a new project and be specific giving tasks to your team. It also shows your professionalism.

·         Remain positive. Even if trouble happens, stay calm so you’ll be more likely to find the best solution and to manage the project on time.

·         Delegate correctly. If you need someone’s help in the team – don’t forget to choose a right person for your project and keep the rules of delegating: determine the task -> show and explain -> monitor the progress -> follow up on results.

According to the Raise Responsibility system by Marvin Marshall – the top level of responsibility is when you do right things even when no one is watching. If you do the same – congratulations! You might be a responsible person!

Be Gera-responsible.