Design and informational technologies are among those fields where overtime job is often to occur. Many business owners got used to it and it seems to be completely ok since everyone works like this. Let’s stop for a moment. Do you really think that it doesn’t affect your product, your team and company?


First, you have to accept that working overtime is inevitable because you can’t predict the future. Last-minute changes or delays from partners/customers are beyond your control. When the due date is coming closer and product is still not ready, usually there is no other way than working overtime to finish it by contracted date. Well, most of the time it doesn’t pay off.

Take a moment to analyze the reasons that made your team work overtime.

  • You made a mistake when you approved the unrealistic due date;

If your customer wants a product to be quickly and you understand that this is not possible, better just to say no and decline the project (if you can change the date). Care for your people and your reputation. As an option, you can invite some extra people to your team as part-time to cover some tasks.

  • Unprofessional team members who can’t complete their tasks on time;

You may consider training existing members or hiring new people.

  • Force majeure.

Just accept it and hope that it will never appear again.


You have to minimize occasions of overtime working if you care for your team and your company’s reputation. It’s also a great opportunity to save costs, as overtime costs you a lot.

Working more than 8-9 hours is a huge stress and it may affect the productivity of your team. And it doesn’t lead to better results. According to the recent researches, people can be highly productive for only up to 3-4 hours. How to raise the productivity you can find in an article “9 tips for 100% productivity from Gera-IT

What happens after 8-9 hours of concentrated work? It usually leads to mistakes, exhaustion and general dissatisfaction. Do you want that?

When people are tired, their dissatisfaction just grows. They start blaming management, their colleagues, problems with communication will appear as well and even the highly motivated team will lose its spirit. Quite often, they face problems in their private lives as well. Can unhappy people bring your company success?A woman looks tired, working long

Sitting with PC for long hours is unhealthy for the whole body, but first for eyes, spine, blood circulation and digestion. Your people soon may become weak with different diseases. Alternatively, they can be unable to finish with the current project due to health problems.

Most probably, constant overtime job will make your team members start looking for another company with better work conditions. If they are experienced and smart, it won’t take a while to find better place.


Care for your people so they will care for your customers!